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less work,
more adventure!

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I grew up believing you followed the typical path in life – study, get a job, buy a house and settle down. But when I was on that path, I wasn’t happy at all.

Giving up a career in the UK to move to the Alps was a huge risk, but it lead to an intentionally created life around the things I cherish the most – freedom, nature and adventure.

This blog isn’t just here to inspire you with travel and adventure content. It’s also full of resources to help you build freedom and adventure into your own lifestyle.

Whether that’s running your own business (like I do) or creating more freedom whilst still having a career (like Menno).

Meet The Ekkelbooms!

Hey, Hoi, Hallo!

We’re Cat & Menno. Cat grew up in the UK, while Menno grew up in the Netherlands. But our love of the mountains brought us both to the Alps, and that’s where we met, fell in love, and got married.

We now call Tirol our home, and while Cat is a multi-award-winning elopement photographer, Menno works as an architect. However, for both of us, one thing is much more important than working. And that’s having time to go on adventures together.

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