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Gift shopping for a plant-obsessed friend or family member can be hard. Especially if they have an expensive taste in plants, you might not want to buy them a living plant, but don’t stress. There are loads of amazing gifts that you can get for that plant lover in your life that they will love.

I’ve split these gifts for plant lovers into different categories, depending on the sort of thing you might be looking for.

Plant Care Accessories

You might think that your plant-loving friend has all the plant-care accessories that they need in their life. And maybe they do. But there is a difference between having functional items and ones that look beautiful, and even items that can seem mundane, such as a watering can, can also be beautiful. So here are some beautiful plant-care accessories that would make wonderful gifts for plant lovers:

Plant Mister

I used to use a cheap, plastic spray bottle from IKEA until I saw these stunning ceramic misters. Having a beautiful mister means that a functional item can become a piece of decor within their home.

Here are some of my favorites from Etsy:

Shop Plant Misters on Etsy

Watering Can

Plant parents spend hours watering their plants. Although a seemingly boring item, gift someone a beautiful watering can and it will bring them joy as they tend to their plants. And it can be left out on display rather than hidden away from view like watering cans usually are.

Urban Affection Metal Garden Watering Can for Plants

Shop Watering Cans on Etsy

Plant Trellis

Anyone who has a tall and climbing plant tends to use a pretty standard moss pole or trellis to help secure them and their growing vines. Recently some creative sellers on Etsy have designed some more beautiful options, such as these:

Cactus Trellis by Treleaf

They also have a really cool version that you can stick on the call for vining plants:

Wall Mounted Trellis by Treleaf

Shop Plant Trellises

Propagation Station

Many plant parents can’t bear to throw out their cuttings when pruning their houseplants, and often decide to propagate them instead. Many end up in glasses and vases around the house, but they can be displayed in a really cool way – in a propagation station.

Shop Propogation Stands

Plant-Themed Home Decor

If you don’t want to go with a plant-care gift, then the next category of gifts for plant lovers is home decor. I’ve picked out a few items that I love that aren’t too in-your-face and over the top but add that subtle nod to a love of plants.

Plant Species Art Prints

Another wall art alternative could be a stunning print, such as a plant species identifier like the one below:

Monstera Watercolor from by Aaronapsley

Shop More Plant Species Posters

Monstera Shelf

Monstera Wall Shelf

Monstera Table

Single Leaf Monstera Table

Macrame Wall Hangings

These leaf-inspired macrame wall hangings in green are a perfect handmade gift.

Monstera Table Mat

Monstera leaf placemats
Monstera Leaf reversible table mat

Plant Cushions

I must admit, I’d really love one of these plant leaf-shaped cushions from Etsy:

Plant leaf cushions as gifts for plant lovers
Frydek & Gloriosum Cushions

Plant-Themed Mugs

Something that someone can never have too many of is mugs, and there are a number of plant-themed mugs on Etsy. This plant pot style one was one of my favorites:

Plant lady teracotta pot style mug - a great gift for a plant lover
Plant Lady Teraccota Pot Mug

Books For Plant Lovers

Nothing beats a beautiful coffee table book, and here are some amazing books that will inspire every plant lover to collect more plants and up-level their plant styling:

Jewelry Gifts For Plant Lovers

I couldn’t have a blog post with gifts for plant lovers and not include some jewelry items because there are some stunning options out there. Here are some of my top pics:

Are you a plant parent? What gifts would you love to receive? Leave them in the comments below as a hint for anyone who might end up reading this post 😉

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